DTBTech Consultancy

We have over 15 years experience in ITS Development, Implementation and Management of highways communication technology. We led the Integrated Network Management (INM) initiative from its conception, directing a specialist multi disciplined team from a number of organisations, to develop a vision and then complete a 5 year strategy.

We have a stand out reputation for leadership and delivery, building successful teams and delivering excellence through Design and Delivery Projects. We are an exceptionally motivated and dynamic leader, Projects Director and ITS expert and inspires and motivates others to gain team success.

We have considerable experience and expertise in HA Motorway communications equipment and a proven track record of Project delivery. This ranges from survey stage work and contract documentation to technology project handover and maintenance. We regularly represent the HA at scheme meetings and improvement workshops and have contributed substantially to HA development in the past.

We have been involved with both on and off road trials of above ground vehicle detectors and provides excellent skills to build on key relationships with clients, suppliers and HA specialists.