Multi-level Management of Client expectations and interaction with HA Divisional Director to gain support of INM Vision. Day-to-day interface with HA via three Sponsor level individuals; Technical, Strategic and Project Reporting. Directing the team, and produce the vision and approach to define INM and a pathway to achieve it. In addition to leading the production of a number of Core deliverables with reviews of Policy, Technology and Procurement landscapes. Management of overall Project and day-to-day tasks and Clients’ changing demands, as well as supporting Task management provided on a day-to-day basis by Task Manager (AY). Focus now is upon integration with UTMC Design and Future Implementation of a basic UTMC Architecture (at each of the RCC's) and establishing a suite of INM Network Tools as well as implementing links between existing UTMC Common Databases. Informal Stakeholder consultation has been continuing whilst extensive formal Local Highway Authority Stakeholder consultation may be delayed, therefore I am likely to engage fully with IDM team at all levels to ensure INM dovetails with their needs and supports provision of Network Toolkit in SE Area.